Glute Ham Bridge/Raise - Weighted

x Rep Scheme - 5 x 15, build to 5-10# heavier than last week

x Use a plate on your belly, a kettlebell, or a barbell across the hip. You may also use a bench to prop up your back. Goal? Squeeze those cheeks!! And drive those hips through

Pullups - Strict
x Rep Scheme - 5 x 10, each set should be completed within 60 seconds, they do not have to be unbroken. This opens the door for 1 weighted pullup every 6 seconds or even scaled with a little less assistance for anyone that wants to challenge this. build to 2.5-5# heavier than last week.

x Appropriate scale is the banded pullup with as little assistance as possible. 



2 Rounds, 1 Minute Rest Between Rounds, 1 Minute of Max Effort At Each Station

Row, calories ... damper of 3

Mountain Climbers

Push Press @ 75/55


MedBall Squat Cleans @ 20/14



Homework - Before Class

Work up to a Triple Power Clean & Jerk @ 70%


Homework - Anytime

3 Sets @ 10 reps each

15 GHD Situps, hold a plate if you can (25/15)

15 Hip Extension, hold a plate if you can (25/15)


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