Chin-ups - Weighted or with as little assistance as possible

x Rep Scheme - 5 x 5, build to 2.5-5# over last week
x Preferred scale, banded 

Romanian Deadlift
x Rep Scheme - 5 x 10 across @ 45-55% of normal deadlift (5-10# over last week)
x the movement ends at the shorter of the following: your end of range of motion or just below the knees. 




Odd: 8 Sprint Burpees (30 sec cap)

Even: 100m Sprint

**Each set is 100% speed effort


Homework - Before Class

OH Squat - doubles up to 80%, no change in weight week over week


Homework - after class

2 Rds NOT For Time:

40 Russian Twist with med ball

Seal Walk, 20 yds


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