Bench Press - 10 RM


15 Minute AMRAP

6 KB Swings @ 70/53


60 Double Unders OR 100m Run

CASHOUT: 50 Situps AFAP   L3: GHD (20 if it's your first time)

**athlete may flip flop between the DU and the Run during the wod.  Suggested DU scale: 10 DU attempts + 50 singles


Homework - Before the start of the class strength/skill work

Triple Under Attempts - if you have them or can get them, aim to accumulate 10 reps in no more than 20 individual attempts.  

Snatch - briskly work up to 3 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Squat Snatch at 70-75% 

**snatch work is the same as last week.  


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