Every 90 Seconds for 15 Minutes, alternating

    5 Hang Squat Clean, building to heavy-ish, leave a little room :)

    20 Flutter Kicks + 20 Criss Cross (Must maintain the hollow position throughout)

Preferred scale: lower the # of crisscross only



For Time:

30 Back Squats @ 165/105

Run 1 Mile

**Weight choice: Athlete should be able to complete 15-20 unbroken back squats with the weight


Homework - Before Class

2 Rnds Not For Time

12 Muscle Up Transition Pull Throughs (from seated on the floor)

50 Double Unders


Homework - After Class

Accumulate 2 minutes of a Double Dumbbell Overhead Hold @ 50/35 per hand. Preferred scale is to reduce the weight of the dumbbells.  


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