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Seated Overhead Press - One Arm (15 Minutes)

x. 15 Rep Max - please sit on a bench, not the floor.  Take the flexibility component out of the equation for today's max. 



4 Rds, Each Round For Time: (partners or team, rest at least 1:1)

9 Dumbbell Power Clean @ 50/35 per hand

9 Dumbbell Shoulder 2 Overhead 

Row 250m

**Please scale in such a way that all work can be done unbroken


Homework - Before Class (no change, hit it quick and walk away)

x. 2 Squat Clean + 1 Jerk, work up to 70%

x. Back Squat, work up to a quick double at 80%

Homework - Anytime

Accumulate 20 Muscle Up Progression as perfectly as possible- the Strict pull-through (no pull, no dip, just the transition) ***All levels, even beginner's would benefit from practicing this transition. 

3 Peg Board Ascents


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