Bench Press

x Rep Scheme - 3 x 6, across (add 2.5-5# over last week)
x please start with the weight of your 10 rep max from the last cycle.  Or the heaviest set of 10 that you had accomplished.  

Crossover Symmetry

x Snow Angels with 2 backward press at the top of each rep

x Rep Scheme - 3 x 10 



For Time:

4 Rounds of: 10 Pushups & 10 Air Squats

10 Deadlifts @ 315/205

4 Rounds of: 10 Pushups & 10 Air Squats

**Preferred scale: pushups to an object, deadlift at 65-70%


Homework - Before Class

3 Rounds Not For Time

10 Strict Handstand Pushups

3 Box Squat - at parallel (add 5# over last week)

**let's have a little fun with the box squats... work to something moderate and I'll keep this one in the mix to move up each week. :). The handstand holds are meant to open the shoulders and get us comfortable upside down so don't feel like you have to start shaking before you come down.  Just go until it's a little struggle and then hop off the wall.  

Homework - After Class

3 Pegboard Ascents


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