“Not Your Grandpa’s” One Arm Row - AKA. “Kroc Row”

    x We previously worked up to a heavy set of 12.  We are moving the volume up to 15 and asking you to do 3 sets at the same weight.  This means that you will want to use something in the neighborhood of 80% of your heaviest set of 12 so you can hit all three sets successfully.  For the sets of 15 and greater (hint hint)... you may support yourself with the opposing hand.  

    x Rep Scheme - 3 x 15, across  (week 3, add 2.5-5#)


Single Leg Glute Bridge/Raise

    x Rep Scheme - 3 x 8 each leg, add 2.5 - 5# over last week



4 Rounds For Time: All With a Single Kettlebell

5 Hang Power Clean + Thruster - Right Arm @ 55/35

10 Situps

5 Hang Power Clean + Thruster - Left Arm

10 Toes 2 Bar OR Reverse Crunch


Homework - After Class

Pistol work - Complete a total of 15 reps on each side with a 2 count pause at the bottom of each rep.  Use a band or rig post for support if necessary.  Work toward completion without support.  


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