Pullups - Strict - weights should be heavy-ish but not maximal, leave room for improvement.

    x Rep Scheme - 4 x 5, preferably unbroken and 2.5# heavier than last week.

    x Band assisted is the preference.  If you normally use a particular band, please add some weight to yourself while on the band.  


Sumo Deadlift - weights should be heavy-ish but not maximal.

    x Rep Scheme - 4 x 5, add 5-10# to last week

    x All 4 sets should be “working” sets.. A.K.A. - after the warmup.




3 Pullups - banded or ring row

3 HSPU or Pushup

20m Shuttle Run 

L3: Strict Pullups


Homework - Before Class

Not For Time

4 Rounds

17 GHD Situps

30 Double Unders


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