(Deadlift Warmup)


For Time: 45 min cap

5 Deadlift @ 315/195

10 Pullups

Row 1K

5 Deadlift

10 Pullups

Bike 40/25 Cal. (Shoot for 60/50+ rpm)

5 Deadlift

10 Pullups

Run 1 Mile

5 Deadlift

10 Pullups

30 Burpees


***staggered starts.. fastest row times start first :)

L3: replace the pull-ups with 5 Muscle Ups (bar or ring)

Preferred Pullup Scale: Hard Ring Row

Preferred Deadlift Scale: 70% of 1RM or (unbroken but heavy-ish set of 5)


Homework - Before Class

OH Squat - doubles up to 80%, no change in weight week over week


Homework - after class

Set 2 benches apart so that when you lay on top of them your shoulders are on one and your feet reach the other.  Use a plate for the weight, easier if a partner puts it on your back for you.  

"Stiff as a board, Light as a feather"

EMOM 6 Minutes, alternating, perform weighted plank holds for the entire minute

Odd: Face Down Hold, weight on butt

Even: Face up hold, weight over the hips

** ensure that the hips are open and the line from shoulder to feet is straight, fight for it.  




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