Bench Press

x Rep Scheme - 3 x 6, across (add 2.5-5# over last week)
x please start with the weight of your 10 rep max from the last cycle.  Or the heaviest set of 10 that you had accomplished.  

Crossover Symmetry

x Snow Angels with 2 backward press at the top of each rep

x Rep Scheme - 3 x 10 



Every 3 Minutes On The Minute for 12 Minutes

20 Burpees As Fast As Possible (touch a pullup bar)

L3: Add 3-6 Strict Handstand Pushups at the end of each set, not for time. 

Scale: reduce the number of burpees so that the set can be done fast and in less than 60 seconds



Homework - Before Class

3 x 3 Box Squat - at parallel (add 5# over last week)

**let's have a little fun with the box squats... work to something moderate and I'll keep this one in the mix to move up each week. :)

Homework - After Class

3 Pegboard Ascents


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