Back Squat Weekly Session 2: add 5# to Monday's 20, the 5's are just warmup sets.


10 Barbell Bodyweight Row between each warmup set (4 sets total) performed to your bar in the rack.  L1 & 2: use the floor for positioning L3: prop your feet up on a box



12 Min AMRAP

10 Deadlift (with the bar you did your 20 rep BS)

10 yd Handstand Walk

100 Double Unders

L1: 20 Shoulder Taps from handstand position, feet on a bench or from plank,  15 DU attempts plus 100 Singles


Homework - Before Class

Accumulate 30 Pistols as perfectly as possible (use an object for support if appropriate)


Homework - After Class

Take a speed sled for a WALK with the strap around your waist. 600m @ 45/25.


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