Push Press (from the floor): 10-8-6-4 *building through the set and each week, add 5-10 to last week

Pullup: 10 Pullups between each round. Preferred Scale: Banded & Unbroken L3: 5 Strict Pullups plus 1-2 Muscle Ups



2-4-6-8-10-12-14 (15 Min Cap)

KB Swing @ 55/35

Walking Lunge w/ KB in goblet position only  

Toes 2 Bar

Primary Scales: for anyone with knee issues that prevent full range in a lunge - plate or box step up to a manageable height  

Level 3: Replace the final toe 2 bar in each set with 1 muscle up.  


Homework - Before Class

Squat Clean triples plus one jerk up to 65% + 5#


Homework - After Class

15 Minutes on the Assault Bike @ heart rate of 130-140 (easy talking pace)


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