10 Minutes of Mobility and Soft Tissue Work


WOD (25:40 total time)

3 Rounds, 2 minutes between rounds.

90 Seconds ON/20 Seconds OFF @ each exercise

Tire Flips

Sled Push @ empty

Slamball over the pullup bar @ 40/20 (L3:80/50) ... get after it!!!

Plank Hold - if you must come out of the plank, perform situps until you can get back in.

***The goal for today's workout is to finish and be able to say that you gave a 9 or 10 out of 10 on every exercise.  Get dirty and just go for it every round.


Clock Management: Work 1:30/Rest :20/Rounds 4/Cycles 3/Rest between Cycles 2:00



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