***Attention*** Friday's 645 PM Class will be an open gym format.  We will be using that time to finalize preparation for the Top Gun Competition.  Saturday's class will be canceled due to the competition.  Sunday will be run as normal.  


Back Squat Weekly Session 2 (Session 6) : add 5# to Monday's 20, the 4's are just warmup sets.


Nothing Alternating - Focus on your squats!!!



21-15-9  (15 Minute Cap)

Handstand Pushup

Ring Row - As horizontal as possible

Air Squat


Preferred Scales - Double KB or DB Push Press for the handstand pushup.  If you have HSPU, then pick a number of them to perform in each round.  Perform that number and then finish with the scale.  


Homework - Before Class

Accumulate 30 Weighted Pistols holding a kettlebell - as perfectly as possible (use an object for support if appropriate)


Homework - After Class

Take a speed sled for a WALK with the strap around your waist. 

600m @ 45/25.

400m @ 90/55


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