15 Minutes of Mobility - emphasis of quad/calf



10 Minute AMRAP:


Power Clean @ 155/105

Ring Dip

Preferred Scale: Lighter Power Clean & Hand Release Pushups (to an object as well)


Key to getting the most out of this wod: Balance the power clean weight with the type of pushing movement you are doing.  Ideally you would move well and at a similar pace with both movements throughout the entire time frame.  You would want to be able to do 12-15 unbroken reps with the power clean weight when you're fresh and 20+ unbroken reps with the pushing movement (the shoulders fatigue quicker than the clean).  Expect to get bogged down by both movements.  If you get bogged down in one movement and not the other during the workout then scale that one so that you can stay moving.    If you never get bogged down by either one..... then it wasn't hard enough. lol.  




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