Slow Snatch With 2sec Pause in Catch
4 x 3 Across
Start at 60% of 1RM Snatch
5-10lb increase each week

If you don't know your 1RM, then do the complex at a moderate weight for technique work


10min EMOM
2 Handstand Push-ups**
2 Alternating Pistols**

Level 1: Double KB/DB Push Press + Double KB/DB Front Squat

**Every two mins the reps go up by 2.
Min 1: 2+2
Min 2: 2+2
Min 3: 4+4
Min 4: 4+4
Min 5: 6+6...etc.
If you do not make it at any point, the workout turns into an AMRAP

Comp HW

4 Sets
30s False Grip Hang in Rings
30s Hollow Hold
Max distance Handstand Walk


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