WOD - Open Workout 18.0

Dumbbell snatch 50/35
Burpees over the dumbbell

The new dumbbell snatch standards only allow you the switch hands after the dumbbell passes your eye line instead of the 2017 standard which allowed athletes to switch hands overhead if they wanted. According to Castro, the point of this switch is to ensure a good lockout at the top of the snatch.

The new burpee standard is a simple, clever way to make burpees more challenging. For this workout, the standard requires the athlete to put the dumbbell on the ground next to them when they're done with their final snatch, parallel to their feet.

From there, you'll complete a burpee with a lateral jump over the burpee. The new RX requirement is that you jump your feet back and up. If you step your feet back or up instead of jump your feet back or up, the workout counts as scaled.

Comp HW

5 Rounds
Your choice Row/BikeRun
1min - Normal Pace
40sec - Slow Pace
20sec - SPRINT Pace
1min - REST


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