5 Rounds For Time

Bike 21/15 Calories OR 15 Shuttle Runs @ 10yds (no rowing)

15 Power Cleans @ 75/55


--classes with more than 8 which would like to use the bike may run in heats or "follow the leader" style--

In follow the leader style athlete 2 starts the bike when athlete 1 is finished with the bike. if athlete 2 catches athlete 1 while they are on the bike, then they get a little rest and should go harder on the bike to turn it into a sprint-ish interval"

Capacity Work

Bike 16/11 Calories

15 Hang Dumbbell Power Cleans

9 Dumbbell Push Press

**use the same dumbbells for the cleans and the push press



Conditioning Bias

6 sets @ 85%

1 min Run

1 min rest

1 min Row

1 min rest

1 min Burpees

1 min rest

Strength Bias

Deadlift @ 60-65%

5 sets of 12

**Handstand walk 10 yds between sets

Aesthetic Bias

Narrow Bench Press

8-6-6-4-4-2-2-2, rest 90sec to 3 min between sets, building


3 Sets (30sec between exercises)

5-10 Chin Ups

10 Ring Rows, as horizontal as possible

20 Alternating Dumbbell Curls


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