Build to a heavy 3 Rep Push Press


16 min AMRAP

15 Push Press @ 95/65 (L3 - do capacity work version with KB)

15 Box Jump

15/12 Cal Row or Bike… you may also choose to run 200m

Capacity Work

15 DB or KB Push Press

15 Step Up to a comfortable height

15/12 Ca Row/Bike or 200m run

Homework - Choose One

Snack Work

3 Sets

Max Pushups - (no more than 1 second up, no pauses for break)

Max Banded Tricep Pull Down

—rest as needed between sets—

3 Sets for speed

30 Jumping Air Squats

30 Glute Bridges

3 Sets

Max Front leaning hold on rings

rest as needed between sets


For Time - 30 Power Snatches @ 155/105


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