Looking Ahead

This Friday will be the first of 5 Friday Night Lights.  The OPEN is upon us and we’ll be programming each of the workouts for Friday’s normal class workout.  We will also be adjusting our Friday Night Schedule to create a Community Event every week where we can support and cheer each on.  415pm will run as a normal class.  530 will be the WOD announcement, standards and start of the official event.  We expect to start warmup at 540 and begin running heats between 550 and 6.  The gym will also be “open gym” until 745 regardless of when the heats end.  Heats will be first come first serve until everyone that wants to go has gone with some special accommodations if necessary (please contact us ahead of time if that’s the case). 

RAFFLE!!!!! Every week we will feature a raffle with prizes just for showing up.  All who participate will be entered so be sure to show up and participate. 

Around the holidays we generally spend time with our relatives and close friends.  Well, this is our opportunity to spend time with our gym family doing something we love with people that make it fun.  We’re so excited to share this event with you.  :)

—The Wingman Family


10 Minutes of Skill Prep for the rope climb


15 Min AMRAP

15/10 Cal Bike or Row

30 Double Unders

10 Thrusters @ 95/65

2 Rope Climbs Or 2 Bar Muscle Ups

Capacity Work

15/10 Cal Bike/Row

30 Plate Jumps @ 45

10 DB Thrusters

6 Vertical Ring Rows**

**two arms, one ring.  pull from hanging to standing with legs as assistance.

Homework - choose one

Snack Bias

3 Rounds, rest as needed between rounds

30 sec wall sit

5/5 Pistols

6 Sets, one every 3 minutes

3 Back Squats (2111), up 5-10 from last week

**if you fall off of the tempo, consider it a miss

3 sets, 1 min rest between

5/5 KB OH Reverse Lunge

Strength Bias


3 Clean & Jerk @ 75%


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