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All morning workout will run as normal classes.

415pm will run as a normal class.

530pm will begin Friday Night Lights with the announcement of the WOD, standards heat signup with a warmup to follow and heat kickoffs between 550 and 6 pm.

The gym will also be open and “open gym” until 8pm for anyone that just want to get in and do their thing.

Homework - Choose One


3 Sets, rest 90 sec between sets

10 Barbell Sumo Stance Good Morning

100’ DBL Front Rack KB Carries

5-10 Glute Ham Raises

3 sets, rest 90 between sets

10 Chin Ups

10 Pike Presses

10 KB Bent Over Rows


2 Rds @ 80% effort

5 Minutes on the Bike

2 minutes Ski Erg


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