What the heck is Friday Night Lights? Very simply we just run classes a little differently on Friday nights from 5:30pm until 8pm for the five weeks of the CrossFit Open (Feb 21st - Mar 25th). Anyone and everyone is welcome to come, and we’ll be doing the workout that is programmed for that day. The only thing that we do differently is we’ll be running “heats” of the workout instead of your typical class. There will still be a written warm-up for you to go through, there will still be coach to help you out, but you’ll also have a ton of support and energy from everyone that shows up. It definitely adds another level of excitement to your workout.

In addition to that we’ll be taking pictures, video, and each week we’ll be doing a free raffle giveaway to anyone that shows up!

So come get your workout on, or simply stop by and support your friends. It’s gonna be a good time!

Conditioning, Strength, or Skill… or all three ???



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