Wingman Strength


Build strength, speed, and power with your choice of strength-specific programming! Wingman Strength is a professionally coached strength class that meets four times a week. As a member in the program, you are given your choice of Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, or Hybrid Strength programming to complete during the week while the gym is open. Coached classes are held on Tuesday at 5:30pm, Thursday at 5:30pm, and Saturday at 10:00am. 

These classes will include a supportive group environment, personalized programming with beginner, intermediate, and advanced instruction, as well as competition coaching if you choose to compete. Along with these three classes, Wingman Strength members will also have access to the gym during open gym hours SEE SCHEDULE. Whether you're an advanced lifter looking to break that plateau or a beginner looking to learn the basics, this club is for you.

Coach nick saccente


Nick Saccente is a Certified Sports Performance Coach who is also one of the strongest lifters in the northeast. With an abundance of experience as not just a coach, but as an athlete as well, Nick knows what it takes to build an athlete from the ground up and take their skill to the next level no matter where you're starting from. He has over 7 years worth of experience working with beginner CrossFit athletes to advanced weightlifters and we're confident he'll not only make you a better lifter but also help you understand all the aspects of lifting.

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